We are committed to offering fully integrated solutions that provide everything you need to manage HR, benefits and payroll - completely, easily and const-effectively.  Our tools help you through the employee lifecycle, from applicant tracking, on-boarding and time & 
attendance through COBRA.  Tha's why employers nationwide cound on our HR SaaS to take care of HCM, so they can take care of business

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To assist employers with implementing legally compliant policies and procedures to comply, LHCM Solutions has partnered with myHRcounsel, an online, on-demand law firm providing LHCM Solutions' clients with affordable, flat-fee access to licensed attorneys.


Let myHRcounsel's attorneys draft a compliant policy for you and advise on all of the intricacies of new laws and its interplay with other laws.   The subscription also affords clients the opportunity to access attorneys to receive counsel on all HR and employment law matters, receive an attorney-drafted employee handbook, and much more. 

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